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Have a look at our workshop leaders for this years festival

Fresh are delighted to introduce our talented workshop leaders!

Shane Serrano is a film maker & photographer from Limerick City, Ireland.


At the age of four, he took his first photograph with his dads Nikon EM (a camera which I still use to this day) and ever since, his fascination of documenting life with the mediums of photography and video began.


Music and skateboarding have played major parts in his life. Starting at the age of 8, moving through a variety of Instruments and studying Music Theory at the Limerick School of Music. But under his own motivation, he began to learn to play the drums. For over the past decade he’s played drums with various artists of many different genres from traditional Irish to punk rock, performing in front of audiences all over the world, most recently with his current band Fox Jaw, and his currently endorsed by the C & C Custom Drum Company.


Since the age of 13, he’s spent his life upon wood, metal & urethane and once won several skateboarding competitions and had small sponsorships, but in recent times, he's spent most of his time behind the lense. In early 2008 he founded the Crude brand, starting as a short lived independent magazine that focused on showcasing talent in Irish alternative & urban culture. After 5 successful issues, eventually going widespread with nationwide distribution with EM News (Easons), the publication ceased in late 2009. In 2013 the brand has re-emerged as Crude Films, web based short films & documentaries with the same ethos as Crude Magazine; giving the ever needed focus to individuals & artists in all forms of mediums & subcultures.


Along with short films, documentaries, commercial work & music videos, Shane has a body of work and a client list, that it's hard to believe he has achieved this all by the age of 27.

Pete Moles is the resident filmmaker and technical manager with Fresh Film Festival.


As Talpini Media, he has worked with young people producing films in both Ireland and Wales.


A passionate cinephile, Pete is interested in new ways to exhibit films in the changing face of film exhibition, and is working with groups across Limerick who are putting things on big screens.


He makes films too, occasionally. Pete has an masters degree in film. His thesis was on Team America: World Police, because he thinks he's funny.


His favorite movie is Starcrash.


Animaton workshops

Jekino is an Belgian organisation where culture, entertainment and education go hand in hand.For more than 35 years , Jekino has been building towards a dynamic, diverse and respectful children's film culture. 


Jekino Education specialises in film education for children, young people and their mentors through workshops, projects and educational materials. We develop a wide variety of hands-on workshops for all ages. Live-action, animation, documentary and video-art... Every workshop has its own main focus.

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