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Here are some useful links and info for young filmmakers

Please feel free to contact us with any useful links you would like to share with other young filmmakers.



Royalty Free music

Music is an essential part in creating your film. Here are some useful links to royalty free music, remember to check the licensing requirements ie. crediting the creator of the music in your film.


Kevin McLeod ( has a huge library of free to use music just make sure to credit him in your film.


Moby has also shared a selection from his catalogue for use in not for profit films, you will need an account to download and use his music.


Royalty free tracks for your production from 90cent!




Sound FX

Another vital tool in creating your film. has a massive catalogue of everything from blood curdling screams to doors banging. You will need an account to download from this site and remember to check the different licensing/attribution requirements of each effect.


You can find out more about attribution here







A cool series of apps from our friends at Celtx



As part of our 2014 festival we ran an animation workshop in Ogonnelloe National School in county Clare.

The workshop hosted by Jekino saw the students create stop motion animations over the course of a couple of hours in the classroom.  Here are the results Jekino Animations

The films were created entirly on ipads using free software Stop Motion Studio and imovie.







Preparing your film for festivals

Most festivals require you to submit a snyopsis or tagline along with your film here's a helpful article on how to write one from our friends at Sundance


Submitting your film online? You want to ensure you are sending the best file quality possible while not eating up all of your bandwitdth uploading a huge file.  Start by exporting your film from your editing programme to the highest quality possible.


There are a few free programmes you can use to compress your file with little quality loss.


Handbrake for MAC and PC here is a video on how to use it.

MPEG Streamclip for MAC and PC here is a video on how to use it.


Choosing a still to represent your film is also important as this will be the one visual representation for your film in brochures and online.


Make sure to choose an image that you feel captures something important from your film, a character, an emotion.

Make sure the image is high contrast and clear so it will print well in black and white as well as colour.









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